Our Vision, Great Business

CPEA Programs

To provide and create a platform for local communities by engaging professionals and creating awareness through literary activities such as newsletters and publications

We do this by providing investors from India and Ontario with knowledge, best practices and networking opportunities to help them thrive in their business endeavors. We also facilitate opportunities for members to collaborate on business ideas and innovations, setting the stage for long-term business and social connections within our community.

Business Development Meetings

Our council members meet monthly to discuss the business needs of our community and foster innovation and collaboration. Members are welcome to share their ideas and proposals, and brainstorm any challenges they face as they build their businesses and investment portfolios.

Speaker Series

Each month, we host an evening where members can hear from business experts from a wide array of areas such as real estate, law, technology, investing and more. Learn from the success of others by hearing their stories, including what worked for them, and especially what didn’t work.

Trade missions

Our trade missions enable us to create international business opportunities and bring together government contacts from India and Canada. These missions encourage collaboration and connections between buyers, sellers, vendors and customers in both countries.

Trade expositions

Our trade expositions allow business owners and vendors to showcase their new business innovations, products and services. They are wonderful opportunities for businesspeople to connect with customers and industry partners and learn about new market advancements and trends.

Innovation sessions

Every quarter, we hold innovation sessions where community members can share their innovative business ideas with a group of like-minded individuals in hopes of finding synergies between interests and skill sets that can help projects come to fruition and achieve financial viability.

Apprenticeship programs

Our apprenticeship programs provide academic and hands-on experience that will help their participants learn valuable, employable skills. We also match participants with businesses that are in need of their particular skill-set, hopefully setting the participant up for a long-term, rewarding career.

Settlement Supports

The CPEA provides mentorship and networking opportunities that introduce newcomers to peers who have been through a similar situation — those who settled in Canada over five years ago.

Career expositions

Part of facilitating an easy transition into Canadian culture is to help new Canadians find meaningful employment. Our quarterly career expositions bring together employers looking to fill appropriate roles with community members who are searching for work.

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