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We do this by providing investors from India and Ontario with knowledge, best practices and networking opportunities to help them thrive in their business endeavors. We also facilitate opportunities for members to collaborate on business ideas and innovations, setting the stage for long-term business and social connections within our community.

We believe that individual success translates into community success, which is why we offer settlement resources, career and business assistance and training.

Entrepreneurs Program

We support professionals, entrepreneurs, community members and newcomers to Canada through a variety of programs.

Core Principals

Each month, we host an evening where members can hear from business experts from a wide array of areas such as real estate, law, technology, investing and more.

Our Members

Our trade missions enable us to create international business opportunities and bring together government contacts from India and Canada.

Canadian Professional and Entrepreneurs Association Mandate

  • (CPAEA) Canada will assist in development of businesses opportunities for investors based both in Canada and India.
  • CPAEA will educate and consult Canadian and Indian companies on economic opportunities and development through digital and print publications, forums, conferences, trade fairs events and by organizing exchange programs between Canada and India;
  • CPAEA will provide settlement and re-settlement support for newcomers and international students by creating employment and business opportunities through job fairs, training programs, networking meet-ups and mentorships.
  • CPAEA will assist in providing sector-specific knowledge related to Canadian markets and Indian Markets its future needs through trade missions, publications, one-to-one consulting, business referrals and other professional and committed services;
  • CPAEA will work towards business relations, investment opportunities and commerce between Canada and India involving Government of Canada and India;.
  • CPAEA To promote and maintain efficiency and high standards of practice in the business development  for the benefit of the public by developing training programs for, and providing funds for the training of, individual members from diverse sectors.
  • CPAEA To promote excellence and efficiencies in business development for the benefit of the public by establishing and maintaining best practices and standards of workmanship, through the development and institution of an apprenticeship program.
  • CPAEA To provide and create a platform for local communities by engaging professionals and creating awareness through literary activities such as newsletters and publications
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The CPEA helps promote success through the development of business, networking and mentorship opportunities, and access to training and education for all community members.


The CPEA will support and develop a thriving business community through comprehensive connection-building between individuals, investors and governments, and make it easier for newcomers from India to thrive in the Canadian business world through employment assistance, sharing resources, research, and best practices.

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We believe in a Canada that is inclusive and culturally diverse. We will work diligently to foster the success of our members, and our community as a whole. We welcome and encourage all perspectives and points-of-view, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We believe that all community members are capable of succeeding, and we will provide the tools and opportunities to help achieve that success.
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